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Foxcast 5: Bedouin (June 2014)

We’re excited to present the next Foxcast by Brooklyn-based Bedouin. Tamer Malki and Rami Deejay (Abousabe) are staples on the East Coast, with longstanding residencies in Boston and New York City, separately honing the craft alongside the scene’s most recognizable names. But when they joined together as a production and DJ duo, the sum of their parts led to something on another level. Their productions speak for themselves, with recently releases on Supernature and Get Physical, forthcoming on All Day I Dream and Kindisch. But it’s their DJ sets that speak to their complex style and sensibilities, winning new fans one event at a time. As only their second released set, this Foxcast is deep and groovy, simultaneously brooding and sultry. The track selection digs deep, focusing not on what’s hot and trendy, but what moves it forward. Listen and learn, prepare for them to move you on June 14th.