drakas.lt now has brand new points system which it will be site value like virtual money, here is complete list how can anyone achieve them:

Points for registrations, Points for daily visits, Points for viewing content, Points for logins, Points for publishing content, Points for comments, Points for clicking on links, Points for viewing Videos, Points for referrals, Points for Subscriptions, Points for forum topic’s and replies….

You can also buy them with paypal here 1000 points cost 1 us dollar:




[av_font_icon icon=’uee22′ font=’fontello’ style=” caption=” link=” linktarget=” size=’15px’ position=’left’ color=’#dd3333′][/av_font_icon]Users on profile will have badges and ranks you will see soon, also forums now have topic count and replies + file uploads as attachments and forum signature…

I’m also going to wake up old wap.drakas.lt version soon 🙂


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