HMS Ambush

HMS Ambush War transport in XXI age War transport in XXI age HMS Ambush long
HMS Ambush

Underwater ship has installed modern sensors wich by themselfs are connected by 100km cables.

Eurofighter Typhoon

Eurofighter Typhoon War transport in XXI age War transport in XXI age Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 4  285969145285 29
Eurofighter Typhoon

Has armor maded from composition substances. This gives him strenght, light weight and secretness. 70 percent of carcass is made from coal fibre combination and just 15 percent from metal.


2014 year almost everyone “Typhoons” fighter plains already have modern “Caotor E” sensor radars they can find other plains and see from secure distance.

Pilot cabin

Glass cabin is very comfortable, managing system can be controled by voice comands.


Besides 27 mm. “Mauser” revolver cannon gun and short distance rocket theese war machines in arsenal also have one of the most powerfull guns – straightwave reactive engine going “Meteor” rocket.

The retaliation

Typhoon defensive aid sub system has many confusion tools and can trick infrared rays going enemy rockets.


All of EJ200 reactive turbo helix is 74 cm diameter and creating 90kN power. Theese engines are using and “Bloodhound SSC” ultrasonic car.

Challenger 2

Challenger 2 War transport in XXI age War transport in XXI age Challenger2 Bergen Hohne Training Area 2
Challenger 2

This tank has armor two times stronger than steel. Strong armor turret are secured from enemy fire “Chobham” armor witch is made from air space separated metal and ceramic plates.


Every Challenger 2 tank has 4 members:

Driver (at least 6weeks of experience), manages tank wich has engine 1200 horse power. Tank can go 59km/h speed and do the maneuvers in the dark. It is very hard to understand its big size he must measure land in 50 meters diameter.

Loader (2 weeks experience), mainly task to reload CHARM cannon and two machine guns.

Artilerist (6 weeks experience), not only shooting from CHARM cannon but also managing two wery powerfull machine guns from them can be shooted 4000 pcs. 7,6mm ammo.

Tank Commander (5 months experience) sees the environment using eight periscopes they can see panoramic view.

As tank driving instructor had said it is very important that crew must be friendly by them selfs because long term they must be in small space where is work and life can cause problems in crew members can occur friction.


Thank can hold up to 50 pcs. 120 mm ammo. Using also depleted uran antitank projectiles, smoke granades.


Tank is going from CV-12 diesel engine witch has maximum power 895kW (1200 horse power) tank can go 59km/h speed.

Tank T-90A

T-90A War transport in XXI age War transport in XXI age T 90A   Engineering Technologies 2012  01

Russian tank T-90A have ESSA thermal image getting device, wich is for night time misssions.

AMX Leclerc

War transport in XXI age War transport in XXI age Leclerc IMG 1744
AMX Leclerc

French tank weight is 56 tons and it is one of the biggest tanks in the world.

AH-1Z Viper

AH-1Z War transport in XXI age War transport in XXI age AH 1Z HMLA 303 in flight 2008

Aviation electronics

In the front this helicopter have third generation infrared rays (forward looking infrared) sensor – one from also day and night working helicopter crosshairs. He can follow a multiple targets at one time.


Also with main rotor system helicopter goes with two side engines. He can go 300km/h speed.

Wings edges

Even they are dont needed at all on theese mini wings are guns and radars.

Rotor blades

4 rotor blades are made from anti-bullet substances, besides if needed helicopter to dislocate to other place they can be folded.


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