Ok, so I was going to write it here too, I do this just because i like to program, as I was teenager I had a WAP page on my phone, I started WML from my young days, I think I was 13 year old back in these days we had there chat, to talk with our friends some downloads, wallpapers and ringtones, we also have a lot of other people online every day 😀 guestbook that was the craziest shit back in these days 😀 people was going there just to write there some random stuff like I was there 😀 from then I started to learn to code, and in about three OR five years later the WAP was pushed out by the web, so I gave up then and did do anything just a three years from now I just realized that i know a lot about web too, as it was the same PHP here as I was used before on my WAP pages chat or guestbook, which with WML you cant do, so I slowly started to develop web pages, and it really makes me happy, I know my passion, I found my life on my turns and from now i’m living it.

Just because I like it so much I want to help you, who has problems with programming, needs some solutions or just to learn more, I can always help you whenever I can just ask me by the contacts form up in here or a live chat if you catch me there 🙂 I want to do more, and I can do more, not just to sit down there in facebook all day by my PC because it is waste of time.


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